Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pictures and Music

Today Bruce emailed a link with some music that he finds inspirational, the first one by Julianna Barwick called 'The Magic Place' and secondly 'Heavy Water/I'd rather be sleeping' by Liz Harris otherwise known as Grouper.  Both of the pieces were really chilled out and made me feel quite relaxed whilst doing my course work...nice! Having never heard the music before, I really liked how easy it was to listen to.  I think we are on the same wave length and have similar inspirations, however I'm not quite sure if he will like my music tastes quite the same!

The album front on 'The magic place' looked very much as it sounded, really peaceful and quiet

I also received a photo; a view from his what a view!

I am hoping that he sends more songs as it would be a great idea if we could also connect through music.

In response I sent Bruce a few pictures taken last year when the snow fell, the view which awaits me every morning when I leave my house...whether its raining, snowing or sunny the garden always cheers me up and leaves me with a feeling of peacefulness.


I love how the detail on the lavender tree looks all jagged and how the tree looks so white against the dark coloured trunk.  Branchy trees somehow remind me of lungs...the little twiggy pieces like the alveoli inside the lungs...not that I'm getting technical or anything :0)

Included in my email was a link to one of my favourite songs by Otis Redding, probably one of my faves to listen to while I'm in the studio...with a cup of tea to hand.


  1. Beatiful and relaxing...kind of reminded me of Strawberry Switchblade.

  2. I just listened to that song you just sent :-) sounds quite haunting doesn't it? Lovely x