Sunday, 5 February 2012

FCA&C Project - Farlin Collaboration

A few months ago I applied to take part in a collaborative project between Fife artists and Shetland poets, I wondered if I should and kind of talked myself out of it (just incase I did not get accepted and stuffed my face with a pound of chocolate with the feeling of rejection).  However a fabulous jeweller from Dundee - no names mentioned...Dougie Kinnear aka 'be a sponge not a horse' - pointed me back in the direction of the application and so thats exactly what I did.  Lucky enough to be accepted I am looking forward to the process and inspiration that will come from my new partner in crime Bruce Eunson.

Bruce is a dialect co-ordinator and promotes the use of such across Shetland in schools to teachers and pupils alike, he translates popular literature into shetland dialect, his blog can be found here.  He is very passionate about writing poetry and has been writing from a young age. 

We are both really looking forward to working together, new work and new inspirations should follow very soon...


  1. You'll do great kiddo! I have every faith. BTW Dougie was my tutor at my defunct night class last year. A doon to earth kinda bloke with a whole heap of great ideas and finger on the technology pulse. He's the one that popped the diamond outa my squashed engagement ring and panicked as whole class was on the floor doing fingertip search.... One of the good guys even if my fly brooch turned out rubbish!. ;o)

  2. Its a small world isn't it! I was hoping to meet him at the Vanilla Ink preview but didn't get a chance.

    Can just imagine the fingertip search...hearts racing! FIND THAT DIAMOND!!!!