Thursday, 7 April 2011

Design and Confusion I am, publicising the private thoughts floating around my head.

Still trying to find my own own thing.

Hmmm, I have it but sometimes just cant seem to get it on a page.

Actually.....I have two styles - this being the problem. 

Designing my college pieces follow a strict design process, I love the designing part but my designs always seem to end up as something I would not wear myself - how can I enjoy making something I wouldnt wear myself? Maybe I shouldnt enjoy it, after all it is supposed to be challenging.  Dont get me wrong I love the jewellery I make - all of it...if I could keep it all I would, but designing and making at home is more fluffy, I can relax (have a cuppa), take my time and go with the need to justify why I have designed something...I just need to like it.  The design process is there...the code is still followed but in my own little way...sometimes even in my pyjamas.

The problem is that I want to collaborate the two styles but am finding it difficult to merge both into one attractive collection, how do I mix classic contemporary with modern coolness.

Answers on a postcard please...