Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mixed Media Jewellery - making the collection...

Its been a busy week...!  I have been trying to update stock and build a new collection, have a look at some of the manufacturing pictures.

Strip cut out, holes drilled.
 Strip made round.

After soldering the ring is placed on
triblet and tapped round with
nylon mallet

Inside of ring marked out on Formica
with pencil and cut out using
jewellers saw.

Silver sheet marked out and cut
to size.

Holes drilled into metal and
deburred using handfile.

Excess metal removed with saw.
Filed smooth with hand file.

Heart shaped rivet fed through hole,
formica fed through back of pendant,
 rivet trimmed and hammered flat.

Making chain links....
my least favourite task!

Links fed through saw blade,
cut to seperate each link.

Links separated.

Links soldered.

Links shaped using oval triblet,
smoothed at joining point to
 remove solder line

New Jewellery - Mixed Media




Thursday, 7 April 2011

Design and Confusion I am, publicising the private thoughts floating around my head.

Still trying to find my own own thing.

Hmmm, I have it but sometimes just cant seem to get it on a page.

Actually.....I have two styles - this being the problem. 

Designing my college pieces follow a strict design process, I love the designing part but my designs always seem to end up as something I would not wear myself - how can I enjoy making something I wouldnt wear myself? Maybe I shouldnt enjoy it, after all it is supposed to be challenging.  Dont get me wrong I love the jewellery I make - all of it...if I could keep it all I would, but designing and making at home is more fluffy, I can relax (have a cuppa), take my time and go with the need to justify why I have designed something...I just need to like it.  The design process is there...the code is still followed but in my own little way...sometimes even in my pyjamas.

The problem is that I want to collaborate the two styles but am finding it difficult to merge both into one attractive collection, how do I mix classic contemporary with modern coolness.

Answers on a postcard please...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Inspiration for a new design can come from almost anywhere, everywhere I look I see shapes...colours...form that I think could be construed as a jewellery design.  I try to take pictures when I have time but sometimes I dont think about it until afterwards.

Even things such as doing the garden (not my most enjoyable activity) can take on new forms.  Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the good weather and start the garden tidy up...on go my new fuschia pink gardening gloves and wellies and out I go.

When I was out digging I noticed these pretty flowers, I must pass them at least 4 or 5 times per day as I drive in but I never noticed them; quite sad really as they are so nice.  Its been so busy lately I've not had much time to look at anything!  Using this as further inspiration for my recent works I decided that it would be nice to incorporate this picture into some jewellery pieces I am making for Culross Gallery.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Approach to Jewellery

The recent rise in precious metals has been a bit of a sore point for most jewellers, especially for small self employed students like myself....if raw material prices rise this means that sales prices of finished pieces will also rise....not good for us in this financial crisis. 

One of our new classes is based on alternative materials.....something I have not been excited about in previous years!  This year I have decided to embrace this new learning and experiment with new materials and new techniques...I'm sure I could do more but am sometime limited within my own personal taste of clean lines and 'tidyness'! 

Materials that I could use are almost endless...what could be done with them limitless.  Here is a photo of a new piece I have recently made.  Materials used were sterling silver round wire to make the chain and formica for the colour inserts and the huge pendant (a scale that would be far too expensive in silver!)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

I have been so busy with my course recently, we are doing a graded unit and I need...well...want an A.  I dont like doing things by halfs!

Trying to organise for my upcoming exhibition at the Collins Gallery in Strathclyde, I have 9 pieces left to make so must get my designs finalised by Sunday so I have plenty of time for making them.  I am really looking forward to the exhibition, its been an ambition for quite a few years to participate in something this. So happy!  I have an interview with the college and our local newspaper on Monday about the exhibit so we'll see how that goes!

Hopefully I will make some new pieces over the next week or so. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Jewellery - Hollow Bangle

My lovely silver bangle I made just before christmas.  It took me so much longer than I expected to make this piece, it was such a challenge as its such a large piece...however the outcome is fabulous.

New Jewellery - Kinetic |Ring

This ring was designed from a photo I had from the building in Culross Abbey....its strange how the design process works!  I really love this piece, really pleasing on the eye...when its not worn it looks like a little piece of sculpture.

My first blog!

Hurrah!  I have finally got round to setting up my blog page, hopefully I will have some time to use it!

My aim for the blog is to show previews of new jewellery pieces I have made ready for sale or exhibition, hopefully (if time allows) I will also post instructions on 'how to' for others to have a look and maybe have a go themselves :0)

Recently I have also got into the techno world of facebook - yes, I know its been around for a while now...maybe I'm just getting old!