Random thoughts...
In recent months I have been gifted with a gratefulness for what I see around me and have become more visually aware than I have ever been.  Colour, size and detail seem to have drawn me in to what has become almost is amazing what we take for granted in our busy lives.  With my new appreciation for my surroundings I have decided to use these captured moments as my college sourcing for this year.

Have you ever wondered how somethings are placed somewhere where they don't belong?  How did they get there? Who or what put them there? Why?

For instance...I drive past Crombie Road in Fife almost everyday on my journey to college, as I pass the fields and the trees there is a raggedy bin ban stuck to the barbed wire fence, its been there for as long as I can remember...maybe the wind blew it there.  Tangled on the fence I often wonder why it still remains, why hasn't it blown away since its entrapment? A few months ago the winds where atrocious, humongous trees fell come the flimsy plastic bag still stood its ground?

Driving past the field along the road recently it was brimming with poppies,a truly glorious sight to see set against the unusually place raggedy bin bag.  I did not stop to take a look or a photograph and now its gone, nothing will ever bring back the picture, only in my mind can it now be appreciated.

Photo taken by Mike Hunter

This brings me to the whole point of this and my question we ever stop to look or appreciate wondrous sites, some of which are once in an infrequent passing or ones we may never see again? Do we even notice them?  If these moments are not seen who would know that they existed?  Some sights are not a natural how did they get there?

The animal shaped clouds


The holes in the sky

How small we are...

The cartoon like chimney smoke...

How did these get there?

Beauty in fragments...

With this amount of random thoughts I have been looking at 'passing' things in more detail. The hogweed along the paths and roadsides...up close they look like beautiful bud like branchy trees.

Hog Weed

Like little branchy trees...

Poppies from the garden

Poppy pods

One small part of the big picture can be a picture within itself...