Thursday, 22 March 2012

Work in Progress.

With work well and truly underway I set about making my first pieces for our collaborative project and am quite happy with how things are turning out.  Whilst working today I had some easy music playing in the this one

Using words and photos as your inspiration can be quite open but I have chosen to consider certain parts of the poetry and certain thoughts within my designing process.

Taken from one of my favourite poems that Bruce has sent here is some of what I have came up with...

Textured rings inspired the poem by Bruce Eunson


Take from it what you will...

Wednesday is my new day for 'Farlin Project Work' and may I just say what a productive Wednesday it has been!

Wandering thoughts over the past few weeks has set me on track for what I would like to achieve for Farlin, designing on paper was a little confusing at the start of the month so I decided to play around with metal...sampling some ideas I had in mind some of which I was happy with and others not.
Bruce and I have been emailing and had a skype chat recently, it was lovely chatting and it put us en route to what we would like to achieve and what our inspirations where for different parts of the project, I think we are both really looking forward to the outcome!

Reading through the poetry Bruce sent me was lovely (especially with a cup of tea) and made me think about what he was trying to portray in his work....I was a bit worried in case I read into things in a different way than what he intended but we both agreed that this was not important..."take from it what you will". 

Bruce asked if I could write out the poetry in my own writing and send this back to him, I really enjoyed doing this and found it quite therapeutic.  Rewriting his words also gave me a greater understanding into the poetry he had kindly written.

Bruce liked what I sent, he remarked on the torn paper I had used...there's something very satisfying about ripping paper, it always reminds me of rugged landscapes; almost like the photos sent of Foula.

Wandering thoughts.

Its been a busy few weeks with lots to think about...sometimes you need that time out to contemplate before deciding on the best way forward.  Usually working full steam, I have taken a few weeks to consider projects I am working on, course work and the dreaded hand in dates for college Most importantly over the past few months I have been develop new work and techniques that I would like to work with.

With my timetable sorted the next few months should be busy...very busy.  With my college course ending this summer I have wondered what do I do next...tap dancing on pavements for the passers by, go full time self employed and sell my socks off, maybe try to gain employment in a jewellers or better still an internship with a jeweller? 

We will soon see what is in store...hopefully whoever or whatever happens will understand my need for copious amounts of tea and chocolate throughout the day. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Molly Ginnelly Jewellery: A fragment: from the valley

Molly Ginnelly Jewellery: A fragment: from the valley: Fragment n [ˈfrægmənt] 1. a piece broken off or detached fragments of rock 2. an incomplete piece; portion fragments of a novel 3. a scr...