Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wandering thoughts.

Its been a busy few weeks with lots to think about...sometimes you need that time out to contemplate before deciding on the best way forward.  Usually working full steam, I have taken a few weeks to consider projects I am working on, course work and the dreaded hand in dates for college Most importantly over the past few months I have been develop new work and techniques that I would like to work with.

With my timetable sorted the next few months should be busy...very busy.  With my college course ending this summer I have wondered what do I do next...tap dancing on pavements for the passers by, go full time self employed and sell my socks off, maybe try to gain employment in a jewellers or better still an internship with a jeweller? 

We will soon see what is in store...hopefully whoever or whatever happens will understand my need for copious amounts of tea and chocolate throughout the day. 

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