Sunday, 1 April 2012



attached is some photos I took on my day out this week, it was such a beautiful sunny day outside and my journey was brought about with thoughts of our project. I sometimes like to visit
Culross; I grew up in the village next to it so I spent a lot of time playing in this tiny village. It has a history to it with abbey ruins, cobbled streets and a rugged coast line...I love the smell of the sea and I always feel at home there.

Sitting on the harbour wall I thought of the land half-cut with the sea, the tide out showing the treasures usually hidden underneath. The silent water rippling, edging closer to my feet sparkling like precious diamonds. The sun was so bright it burned my knees; hazy skies...I could sit all day. A black bird stopped by long enough for me to see. I spoke to a stranger as if he were my friend, talking about memories we held of the place we sat. Couples walk past hand in hand to the song of joyful birds. Walking upwards to the ruins where the hiding places were, I pause and remember.

As you know I have hurt my wrist...very frustrated am I! However it is giving me time for thinking and doodling (being doing this today), still working on the thoughts of containment there has been so much inspiration from your recent delivery and have started a piece called 'Room for Two' - I say started but have made a model in paper before I really move forward in metal (its the only thing my wrist can handle haha!) I have started marking my metal to make crease lines so the folds are have sharper edges rather than curved so it’s more like a box shape but had to stop but it should be finished by next week. I love how you have considered the visual aspect of your work; it’s been amazing to look and has made me smile.