Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mixed Media Jewellery - making the collection...

Its been a busy week...!  I have been trying to update stock and build a new collection, have a look at some of the manufacturing pictures.

Strip cut out, holes drilled.
 Strip made round.

After soldering the ring is placed on
triblet and tapped round with
nylon mallet

Inside of ring marked out on Formica
with pencil and cut out using
jewellers saw.

Silver sheet marked out and cut
to size.

Holes drilled into metal and
deburred using handfile.

Excess metal removed with saw.
Filed smooth with hand file.

Heart shaped rivet fed through hole,
formica fed through back of pendant,
 rivet trimmed and hammered flat.

Making chain links....
my least favourite task!

Links fed through saw blade,
cut to seperate each link.

Links separated.

Links soldered.

Links shaped using oval triblet,
smoothed at joining point to
 remove solder line

New Jewellery - Mixed Media