Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A fragment: from the valley

n [ˈfrægmənt]
1. a piece broken off or detached fragments of rock
2. an incomplete piece; portion fragments of a novel
3. a scrap; morsel; bit
vb [frægˈmɛnt]
to break or cause to break into fragments
[from Latin fragmentum, from frangere to break]

A lovely parcel was delivered yesterday...thanks Bruce! I had been eagerly anticipating its arrival and I could not have been any happier on seeing the contents.  Isn't it lovely to see a writers work in their own handwriting?   Its almost like a sneaky peak inside their diary...

My favourite poem was 'A fragment: from the valley', it reminded me of late nights, busy minds and next day plans.

Fragments found.

Small fragmented pieces of a larger object are more interesting than the whole,bringing about details that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

The word 'fragment' is probably one of my favourite descriptives. A piece or part of a picture being used for sourcing material along with found objects and broken thoughts are definitely the way I had wished our project to begin.

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