Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So...Bruce and I have been emailing since my last post and I must say I am very excited about our venture.  I bought a nice sketch book to put his poetry and pictures in and am looking forward to filling the pages; there is nothing quite as scary as an empty sketch book! 

Bruce mentioned that the place in the photo he sent last time was called "Foula" and he found himself looking at it as he started to write some new work, therefor it is mentioned in a poem he is sending to me.  So looking forward to reading his work!

Picture of Foula

I sent a package to him today, a found key and a tiny spoon I had made last year.  I wonder what he will make of these and what he can take from them.

When the package arrived Bruce was very pleased with the contents and mentioned that the key was very 'Alice in Wonderland' and felt that it held a peculiar or personal secret...which is exactly what my intent was!  The spoon gave Bruce and Rebecca a giggle most probably because if its 'peeriness' (my Shetland dialect word of the week!)

We are still trying to figure out where we would like to go with our collaboration so these 'peerie' packages will soon bring us some inspiration.

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